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shapewear bodysuit for women

To be a woman with personal power on the rise, you must invest in assertive pieces that can further enhance your natural beauty. Instead of spending tons of money on clothes that are fashionable but don't flatter your body, you should take advantage of the Black Friday Sale to purchase a shapewear bodysuit for women.

To meet the needs of modern women, these pieces have changed and come in different formats that can be included in your daily life. Choose between a dress, pants, skirt or bodysuit. See some ideas now!

1-Built-in Shapewear Corset Style Thong Bodysuit

Popilush shapewear

This model is extremely sexy, as it offers a three-dimensional 3/4 cup and herringbone design for women to have an even more contoured waist. It is perfect for building a classic style. With a blazer as an overlay it becomes perfect for going to work.

It is made from highly elastic 360º fabric with embedded mesh in the abdomen area that leaves you slimmer and with soft curves. It has a built-in steel ring to provide support to the breast area. The adjustable straps also play an important role, as they adapt perfectly to different body types. 

2-Built-In Shapewear Modal Lounge Dresses

Popilush built in shapewear

A body shaper for dress is a unique piece that provides full-body modeling, making your life easier and giving you a ready-made look in seconds. It relies on the use of body shapewear underneath that draws your curves in a natural way, without markings under your clothes.

It has a built-in bra with removable pads that provide perfect support for the bust area. It is available in three styles:

  1. Slip MaXi Dress

  2. Long Sleeve Midi Dress

  3. Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Delivers ideal flattening of the abdominal region, making your belly free from imperfections. Additionally, it lifts the butt through technology for a BBL effect. The modal fabric is soft, provides comfort and keeps you dry throughout the day, as it is also highly absorbent.

3- Seamless Square Neck One Piece Sport Jumpsuit

Popilush shapewear seamless

A jumpsuit is perfect for enjoying a walk outdoors or going to the gym. The square collar gives you a more youthful appearance. Reduces muscle vibrations by supporting leg muscles.

It has high elasticity in 4 directions, giving you the comfort you deserve, in addition to providing support for lifting your butt. The mesh fabric adjusts the waist, giving you more feminine curves.

4-High-Waisted Underwear Lace Thong Panties

The black friday shapewear can change the way you choose to create looks. It is possible to give a completely new image to clothes you already have in your closet. High-waisted lace thong panties are the ideal choice in these cases, as they have light control that flattens the tummy perfectly.

You don't have to worry about this shapewear rolling down, as the high waist and flexible sides guarantee you the necessary security that avoids any discomfort. It is composed of material with 91% Nylon + 9% Elastane. Wash your shapewear gently with a water temperature that does not exceed 30º C, this way your piece will last longer.

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